• sisters on a mission.

  • Three sisters. One in Virginia. One in London. One in New York. None of whom wear shorts. Ever.

  • the mission?

    Taking delight.
    Learning Italian.
    Getting to Italy.
    Wearing shorts.
    In Italy.
    June 2011.

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over the hump

Well, it’s official.  I’ve made it past the half way point in my C25K training.  Yay!  Yesterday was my first 20 minute run – not counting my Komen 5K.  It was a pretty good run at a decent pace but the last five minutes I had to slow down.  Kept looking at my watch to see how many minutes / seconds were left.  I wish I had been able to find my pedometer.  Would have been nice to see how far I actually ran in that 20 minutes.

I ran Daisy-free so I didn’t have any distractions and could focus on my form.   I wore my Newtons again and I’m still getting used to those.  Boy could I feel it in my legs by the end of the day.  But it was the good kind of sore, ya know?  I also tried to look about 15 – 20 meters ahead instead of at my feet.  Mentally, that really helped keep me moving forward.

Looking forward to starting Week 6.  It’s the last week of short intervals.  After that it’s all 25 minutes or more.  Gulp.

4 Responses

  1. Gulp.
    Cathlin, We need to blog!
    Maybe we need to run!

    I’m done with all of my school stuff, and have the month of June wide open. I need to finish the C25K before my roadtrip. Good motivation.

    Well done, Heather!

  2. I’ve always been a mid/forefoot striker. Maybe from spending my childhood barefoot and taking ballet lessons? I need to find a shoe geared for that but $175? I’ve got a kid going to college. Sigh.

    So are you liking the shoes?


    • So far I’m liking them but I’m not totally committed yet – my body is still adjusting. I really like how light-weight they are. The hard part for me right now is getting away from the heel strike and trying to be lighter on my feet. My knee was ever so sore the first day but today, after my third run with them, it has been fine. Left calf is a little tight but I blame my body mechanics on that. I’m a little twisty.

      I’m sure you would do great with them if you are already a midfoot striker and could go for the hard-core trainers rather than the guidance trainers that I got. But yeah, it’s a pricey experiment for me. : )

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