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    June 2011.

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Dog tired

This morning I passed another milestone in my quest to become a running goddess.  Or at least to not be a pathetic, wheezing, flailing disaster running in pants.

Today marked the start of week 9 for Daisy and me in the C25K program.  Thirty minutes straight.  Woah.   We’ve both come a long way.

Aside from a short poop break (Daisy – not me), we ran all the way!  I did try to jog in place while doing the clean up which I’m sure looked ridiculous but gave me a bonus quad/bum workout.

Now I need to work on picking up the pace.  I mapped a couple of 5K routes in the neighborhood via the US Track and Field website the other day and figured out that I’ve been doing around 12.5 minute miles.   Which translates to a 38.75 minutes to do a 5K.  Which is only a few minutes faster than the Komen 5K I did two months ago at week THREE in the program (and included eight minutes of walking).  That’s discouraging.  I want to be able to do a 5K in 30 minutes.

So, I’m going to start throwing in some faster sections during my runs.  Just to prove to myself that I can.  I started today with the last two minutes and I didn’t keel over.  Woo hoo!  Oh sure my breathing was so loud you’d think I had just completed a marathon but I’m going to celebrate the small steps.

And, while Daisy has decided napping is in order after our run, I actually feel great and have more energy than when I started out this morning.  That’s a very good sign.  Woot! Another small victory.

8 Responses

  1. Congratulations, Heather. Running while picking up poop. Now that’s impressive. Another milestone.
    I haven’t started on the 30 minute week yet. But it’s still crazy for me to even think that we are doing 30.

  2. Hooray for 30 minutes! I try to do the pretend like I’m still running (actually just bouncing) when I stop for red lights. Why do we do that? LIke it’s going to just completely ruin our run if we just stop. I try to cross as many streets as I can!

    At least you didn’t have to stop for a poop. Hilarious.

  3. Still love reading you guys 🙂

    Re: pooping runners, not dogs… I haven’t had that happen to me (yet) but I heard sometimes runners of longer distances are sometimes stricken with urge, ugh! On website called it a “Code Brown.” She must have been a nurse? HA! Let’s not go there, ladies 🙂

    Heather, re: being disappointed about speed improvement over the course of the C25K program & your goal of 10 min. mi. I so know what you mean! I was expecting to improve very quickly re: speed & have not. But I have heard that one can train using “speed work” for these things. I haven’t tried it. I thought that just running regularly, I would naturally improve & for me, that’s not the case 😦 But I’ve only been running for 2 years, I take winters off from running (which is a long time up here in NH) & I haven’t tried any of the speed tips yet. There’s so much to learn & try! It’s hard to keep up progress on everything in life simultaneously, darnit 🙂

    • Code Brown – yes let’s definitely not go there!

      And re. speed, I know I need to be more patient. I’ve only been running a few months now. Plus it’s summer and nasty hot. But the old competitive spirit is hard to squelch.

      • “Patient,” you say? What’s that? Not one of my virtues, you’ve no idea! Ask someone who knows me in real life. I’m so impatient, I’m annoying!

        I guess we should be thankful for our competitive spirit… it’s sometimes the force behing dreams come true!

  4. Another thing I need to work on: backing OFF the use of emoticons, HA!

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