• sisters on a mission.

  • Three sisters. One in Virginia. One in London. One in New York. None of whom wear shorts. Ever.

  • the mission?

    Taking delight.
    Learning Italian.
    Getting to Italy.
    Wearing shorts.
    In Italy.
    June 2011.

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two down, one to go

gotta love coded socks

I’m happy to announce that I have officially joined Cathlin in completing the C25K training program.  Woot!

I did my last run yesterday morning on one of the hottest days (100+) of this summer so far.   Thankfully it was only 80 degrees and 65% humidity when Daisy and I headed out at 6:00 am.

If I hadn’t been so committed to finishing yesterday I might have psyched myself out when I opened the door and felt that heat.  Did the powers that be not get the memo that I was doing my final run?

Well never mind.  I was going and that was that.  I already had on my favorite and fancy-bum-worthy (and kinda pricey) asics hera socks in honor of the occasion.  The hot pink and orange ones to entice my feet to move out at a faster pace (wishful thinking).  I love the fit of these socks with their L and R on the toes.  I have four pairs in different fun color combos.  Seriously, the other socks in my drawer are jealous because they never get to go out anymore.

Anyhoo.  With happy feet we jogged down unpaved alleys for the first 10 minutes to ease into things and then crossed over onto the sidewalks of the Fan.  Very cool neighborhood.  Great architecture.  None of which I noticed as I dodged uprooted sidewalks and kept an eye out for squirrels and other distractions (for Daisy not me) while also trying to focus on my form and my breathing.

And not looking at my watch.  There’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve run at least 15 minutes and then peeking at the time and realizing it has only been 10.  Also, I know I said I was going to try to inject some faster sections into my runs but with the heat and humidity I just couldn’t do it.   Or at least chose not to do it.  Still, I was plenty sweaty and Daisy’s tongue was hanging out by the time we finished.  She got some extra loving for her efforts.

I forgot to do my victory dance and couldn’t find my cap and gown.  But I did have a big fat Butterfinger Blondie at lunch in celebration.  Yum.

6 Responses

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! Sheesh and in the hot weather. I’m impressed. You’ll find running easy here in London with no humidity. I have some L and R socks too. Not as cute as yours, but I like them. I think you might want to bring some for me when you come out so you don’t have an unfair advantage!

    • Thanks! It seems strange to be done, doesn’t it? Seems like just yesterday we found out about the C25K program and decided to try it. On to the next goal.

      Maybe you will get some special socks for your bday. Can’t wait to run in London. I leave in less than a week! Yay!!!!!

  2. YAY!!
    HEATHER, seriously, that’s an amazing feat. I know how crap the hot humid weather is. Even at 6am. Just getting up at 6am. Sheesh is right. And right on. And, I want some of those socks, too.

    Can you believe it girls, We are running 30 minutes?!

    And, I need to know more about that Butterfinger. thing.

    • Yesterday we got out the door to do a trail run at 6:30. It was 77 degrees and 85 % humidity. Wow. That extra 20% made a huge difference. Especially in the woods where the air doesn’t circulate as well. We finished the trail in about 22 minutes. I did a lap around the parking lot to bring it up to 23ish and then called it a day. Of course later I wished I had run a few more laps. I’m pretty sure I could have if I’d set my mind to it. I’m ready for fall.

      Found a recipe online for butterfinger blondies. You’re gonna want one when you see it:

  3. Hey, CONGRATULATIONS! I feel your pride & sense of accomplishment 🙂 Bet Colleen finishes soon too. Never you mind about speed, any of you. We get full credit for program completion! We can deal with speed later.

    Crap, wish I was going to Italy! Or at the very least, eating a big fat Butterfinger Blondie… mmm.

    • Thanks! You’re right though. We need to enjoy the thrill of victory of completing the program. Especially since the attainment of it seemed questionable when we first started out (at least for me)!

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