• sisters on a mission.

  • Three sisters. One in Virginia. One in London. One in New York. None of whom wear shorts. Ever.

  • the mission?

    Taking delight.
    Learning Italian.
    Getting to Italy.
    Wearing shorts.
    In Italy.
    June 2011.

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I love Chicago & Wisconsin. (And treadmills)

Greetings from the ROAD!

We are on our Summer 2010 Cross-Country Roadtrip from Cold Spring, NY to Boise, Id. And back.

So far — it’s Day 3 — we’ve been to:

  • Niagara Falls – the falls are incredible, the town is a creepy tourist thing,
  • London, Ontario – nothing to write about here
  • Chicago, IL – love love love this beach-city. Yes, beach-city.
  • and now we are in Madison, WI – green, clean and friendly.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

At our beautiful hotel in Chicago, I discovered the beauty of: THE TREADMILL. Hotel Raffaello, located in the Gold Coast area of Chicago (near the beach, and we had California weather), had a lovely fitness room, where I completed Day 1 and Day 2 of my last week of the C25K. On a treadmill. I love the treadmill. Why did I feel like I was cheating? Air conditioning. Tunes. A cup of water at my side. The 30 minutes were so fun that I actually did 33 minutes. And the next morning, I got up and did it again. Running is fun indoors.

The bad side. There were mirrors everywhere. I don’t like watching myself run, really. I looked slow. But I could check out my form. And my STILL UNFANCY BUM. Sigh. And, I couldn’t deny my slowness, when my 30 minutes was up and I had run, according to the treadmill display, only 1.77 miles. WHAT?! That’s 15 minute miles. Ok….I’m cracking up right now at how slow that is. The next day I stepped up the pace and made it to 1.92 miles. So…this isn’t actually a 5K program, now is it? So. My plan: I’ll finish the C25K program probably in Park City, UT when we get there on Monday. And then after that, I’m going to concentrate on distance, instead of time. Got to pick up the pace. Or that half-marathon is going to take 5 hours.

Tomorrow, we are off to Custer, SD! Yee-hah. I’ll write about it.

And, while I’m here a plug for this awesome food/cultural tour we did today in Chicago — my new favorite city. Chicago Food Planet Tours. 3 hour of sampling food stuffs from cool places, and walking around learning about the history of Chicago. Highly recommended.

See you in Utah…for my graduation.

12 Responses

  1. Colleen:
    This is SO fun hearing about your adventures-on and off the treadmill. Your photos are incredible. Really stunning, especially this one of Kelin and Jonas in front of the field of green. Love to all!
    PS: Forget how long the mile takes. Here’s what I keep telling myself (especially when I glance at those sometimes shocking red numbers on the treadmill): It’s not how long it takes to get there, it’s what happens on the way!

    • You are so right, Kathy. Its the process more than the product at this point. And I’m happy to enjoy the happeings along the way. (Despite the shocking red numbers!).
      Hmm…that begs the question though, what happens along the way when you are on a treadmill? I don’t care. I love the treadmill anyway. Especially in summer…

  2. Love the slideshow – How did you do that? And the pics – awesome.

    Congrats on getting going on Week 9! It IS frustrating isn’t it about the time. I wonder if the C25K developer(s) expect everyone to be running 5k in 30 minutes by the end of the program? Or is getting to 30 minutes consistently just preparation to push a little farther for a full 5k? For me it’s definitely the latter at this point. And I’m ok with that. I think.

    Besides, we’re running for 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds!

    Can’t wait to hear about Custer. I’m starting to get organized for London today. I’ve always wanted to be one of those people who takes her running shoes on vacation and now I am. Yay!

    • I’m okay with that, too. And YES! It was a proud little moment, putting the running shoes in the suitcase.

      If you upload a few pics at a time, wordpress saves them as a “gallery”. And one of the options after the upload was Insert as: thumbnails or slideshow. I think the sldeshow option is new, never seen it before, so I gave it a go.

      • Very cool. Will have to try it next week.

        Oh and check out my last post comments for a link to a butterfinger blondie recipe. Great foodie website.

  3. Hey 30 minutes is 30 minutes! I’m sure I’ll be moving to the treadmill come winter!

  4. I just ran across your blog while doing a google search for wisconsin running blogs. I really like your writing style and your attitude. Great blog! Can’t wait to read more!


    • Thanks, Deanna. I checked out your blog, too. Awesome. Sounds like we have similar goals. I’m shooting for a half-marathon, too. (We shall see…)

  5. OMG, Colleen, thank you thank you for the slideshow descript! I saw this slideshow option on another WP website, but when I asked the blogger there how she did it, she said the option was “just there” on her site when she uploaded images. I didn’t see it on mine, but she never mentioned the “gallery” & I didn’t know how to ask further… I didn’t look in there! I hope I can do this now… I would like to slideshow my artwork sometimes.

    Your vacay photos are AWESOME… and just the fact that you can take that kind of time to travel is wonderful. The treadmill? Well… I’m glad someone enjoys them! We have one at home & I hate it. I get bored very easily, just staring at a wall or out the same sorry window, even with music on. Temp control is about the only benefit, so I do get on it sometimes in winter, out of desperation :-/

    • I can see getting tired of the treadmill. But, fortunately, the places i’ve used them look out a window. And I crank my tunes. Which always just takes me away to somewhere else.

      Having a great vacation! Yes, we are so lucky — we are in academia, so we have summers off — to take that kind of break. The west is awesome.

  6. […] weeks ago, tho I failed at the time to understand & implement on my site. Big, cheeky hug to Colleen for showing it to me again on her WP site, but accidentally saying just the right thing in her […]

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