• sisters on a mission.

  • Three sisters. One in Virginia. One in London. One in New York. None of whom wear shorts. Ever.

  • the mission?

    Taking delight.
    Learning Italian.
    Getting to Italy.
    Wearing shorts.
    In Italy.
    June 2011.

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do these shoes make me look fast?

30% smaller

So, I needed some new running shoes and decided to try something different this time around.    Something that might help me feel lighter on my feet.  I’ve been poking around the Newton Running website for weeks and finally decided to check their shoes out in person at Three Sports in Richmond.

I felt like such a jock just walking in there.  The store caters to triathletes (thus the name) and had all sorts of cool gear.  After a quick consultation and a run down the sidewalk I found out that I am indeed a heel striker.  Their regular shoes are geared toward midfoot / forefoot strikers.  But they also have a guidance trainer that offers more support in the heel.  It’s supposed to help with transitioning to more of the barefoot / midfoot / forefoot style.  They didn’t have the stability model in the guidance trainer  but I went ahead and bought it anyway.  I hope that decision doesn’t come back to bite me.  Fingers crossed.

Yesterday was my first day in the new shoes.  Really light-weight.  I liked that a lot.  I tried to focus on what I was doing with my feet instead of mindlessly running.   It was Week 5, Day 2 so only 8 minute runs.  This morning my calves were a little sore – definitely should have stretched some more last night.  You’re supposed to ease into these shoes so I’m trying to decide if I want to go ahead with the 20 minute Day 3 run or do another set of 8 minute intervals and then recycle week 5 altogether next week to give me more break-in time.

What to do, what to do?

p.s. I love the green and orange.  Good wake-up colors.


running on empty

What…again?  Again with the 5:30?  It’s still dark out. And it is cold.  Did you see the thermometer?  Let’s all just go back to bed and revisit this whole running thing at a more reasonable hour.

What? WHAT?  Quit shaking me.  Can you not understand me?  Eyes closed means I’m still sleeping.  Sigh.  Fine, I’ll go, just give me a minute to stretch…upward dog…downward dog…upward dog…downward dog…YAWN.  Ok. Let’s do this.


Well I’m happy to report that Daisy is really coming along as a running partner.  She kept up with me most of the time.  Sadly, that’s not saying much because I am really slow.

Today I got to try out my new Griffin Aerosport iPod arm band and it worked great.  Way better than jury-rigging my leather case to a reflective belt.

I was feeling frisky so I tried Colleen’s sprint at the end technique – or as much as I dared given the uneven sidewalks.  It felt good to stretch out my legs.  When I got home I even threw in a few “get your bum fancy” squats for good measure.  I’m sure I’ll be feeling those tomorrow.

So far the workouts have been going well.  My only problem is that my usual morning bowl of cereal is just not cutting it.  I was dragging myself around all day.   I definitely need something more substantial on my training days.   Oh, and eating crap the day before is probably not such a great idea.  Next time I’m going to make some scrambled eggs and toast with a big glass of carrot juice for breakfast.  Or maybe a peanut butter and banana sandwich.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  I could use some words of wisdom here.

Hey Hey Everyday.

Day 2. Another beautiful day in New York. My running gear. Coffee, field, new balance, fleece pants that are too short from Old Navy ($7), ipod touch, crap earbuds, tank top, fleece shirt (that may or may not be my night shirt)

Some things that are working great.

  1. Exercising regularly. With a plan.
  2. The plan. Couch to 5K. First week only have to run 1 minute at a time. I can do that.
  3. The app for Couch to 5K. I love this. On my iPod touch, the nice lady tells me when to start, when to walk, when to run, how far along I am, and I can listen to my music at the same time.

    Get Running app

  4. My music. I can’t run without my music. The funniest thing I had on my playlist today:
    Hey, Hey Everyday (Air Force) – Running Cadences of the US Armed Forces. It came on during my cooldown. Should have put it at the top. 10819345.html
  5. My field of hay natural track. It’s the best. Don’t have to worry about cars or people. Just nature.

Some things I need to fix:

  1. I can’t keep my earbugs in my ears. So my run is a bit awkward. One hand every few seconds up to my ears. One hand holding my ipod.  If I clip it to my pants, my pants fall down.
  2. My running clothes are a joke. I own one bra. That is my everyday bra and my running bra.

I’ve been concentrating on my feet. Trying to find the natural run. The lever. I’ve also switched shoes. From my old Asics that are pretty high in the to my New Balance, that I never thought as running shoes, because they are so light and have little support. But thought they might mimic more barefoot running. My ankles hurt just a tiny bit during hte run. But I think that may be from the bumps in the grass. Trail running. Have to stay alert.

Best thing. How I feel after the run. I did a squat workout after. Cause my butt is just as bad as my thighs. Maybe we will not only wear shorts, but a bikini!

my shoes, my coffee, my fallen tree (aka thinking place)

A bug flew in my mouth on the last lap.

gear me up baby

Today I got crazy and switched things up for my second day of training (C25K W1D2).  Instead of running with Daisy in the morning when it was 45 degrees, I took her to doggie daycare and ran in the afternoon when it was 75 degrees.   No need for my fleece today that’s for sure.   I figure I’d better get used to running in warmer weather or I’m going to be screwed come summer.

When I was in high school,  my mom laid down the law after I came home beet red and shaky after a run one especially wretched Virginia morning (95% humidity 85 degrees at 8:00 am).  After that I had to get up at 6:00 am or I wasn’t going.   But I digress.

The other reason I put off the run until this afternoon was so I could procure a new watch with a chronometer and some sportier earbuds for my ipod so I could listen to something other than the counting inside my head.   Much better.   Blue Incantation with Jerry Garcia and Sanjay Mishra kept me moving along at a pretty good pace.

Now I’m off to make something hopefully gourmet(ish) out of the salmon, asparagus, mushrooms and quinoa I picked up at Ellwood Thompson’s on the way home.  Wish me luck.  I’ll let you know if I come up with anything spectacular.